Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kyrsten Sinema--Nitwit Extraordinare

On my lunch break, I listened to Sean Hannity engage in a hilarious verbal smackdown with Krysten Sinema, a representative from the Arizona legislature.

She sent out a press release saying he broke the law when he crossed the fence at the Arizona/Mexico border during his show last week. The problem is she failed to get all the facts about this case before she sent out the press release. Sean Hannity was told by the Border Patrol that there was a 3 foot zone beyond the fence that is still considered America. Had he gone beyond that 3 foot zone, he would have been in violation of the law, but he didn't.

Since she was wrong, Hannity (rightly so) demanded an apology from her but she refused. He had her back-peddling and tripping over her words from the first question. Eventually, she hung up before the interview was over because she was so ticked off (and, I imagine, because she knew she was dead wrong). Classic radio entertainment!

What's funny to me about this is I have no doubt in my mind that she sent that press release to get her name out there in the national spotlight. It worked. However, I'm not sure she got the attention she really wanted.

I love listening to desperate legislators make fools of themselves all in the name of free publicity. It's more entertaining than reality television! :)

Link to Nitwit's press release:

Monday, April 11, 2005

First Photo

I'm messing around with's features. I think I've figured out how to post pictures. I'm still experimenting so please be patient. Thanks!

Me at Lake Pleasant taken by my Dad (March 2005) Posted by Hello

My Favorite Drunk

Yesterday, I ran into my neighbor who lives in the apartment directly below me. I was getting out of my car. She was getting into hers. I smiled. She glared. It was our usual interaction.

I think she figured out that I was the person who complained to management about her loud music a year ago. Hence, the animosity between us.

Even though she is not my favorite neighbor, I can’t help but crack an amused smile every time I see her. She’s an entertaining drunk with equally as entertaining drunk friends.

Whenever I see her, I think about the time she and a male friend stumbled up to the third floor after a late night of drinking. When she realized she was on the wrong floor, she shouted incoherently, “We went too high!” I'm lying in bed thinking to myself, "It's not enough just to be drunk and stupid, but you feel the need to advertise that stupidity to everyone in Building 12?!"

Another time, she and a car full of friends pulled up in front of my building around 1 a.m. The bass speakers were thumping and the girls were shouting and giggling. I watched as my neighbor opened the door of the SUV and tumbled to the ground. Behind her, another twit came stumbling out of the vehicle. This one tripped her way to the wall that surrounds my apartment complex. There, she proceeded to pull down her pants and urinate in the gravel. When she finished, she gave her bum a few shakes, pulled her pants back up and stumbled back to the vehicle. While all this is happening, the girls in the vehicle are laughing hysterically. My neighbor doubled over and nearly toppled onto the sidewalk.

I’m watching all of this from my window thinking, “Classy bunch of friends you got there, Hon.”

So every time she glares at me, I want to walk up to her and say, “Sweety, at least I know what floor I live on and my friends are toilet-trained!” Double whammy!

Friday, April 08, 2005

My First Blog

Let the trumpets sound out! Boogy down and all around!

I have officially entered the 21st century!

Welcome to my blog. I'm blogging because Writer's Digest Magazine says I should. Really. I read an article by Robert W. Bly in the April 2005 issue that says blogging is an excellent marketing tool for writers.

Mind you, I've never published a story. I don't write everyday like a good writer should. I'm taking a writing correspondence course that barely keeps my interest. So I'm not really sure why exactly I'm doing this except that a magazine says I need to.

Bly says a good blog will have the following:
  • insightful analysis and carefully considered opinions
  • how-to info
  • research tidbits
  • links to other websites and blogs

I think I've failed my first blog post. I hope blog readers are a forgiving bunch!

Let the blogging adventure begin! If you decide to join me, welcome aboard and hang on tight. I have no idea where this will take me. My hunch is I will end up in a deep pit that I can never crawl out of. But, hey, at least I'll have some fun on my way to that pit!